​Brian den Hartog (1989) finished his studies in Audio Visual Arts at RITCS School of Arts Brussels with high distinction, during which he made 'A Dialogue with Cyberspace', an experimental documentary about the virtualization of the human body. The film premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and travelled around numerous prestegious festivals such as HKIFF Hong Kong, Int Shot Film Fest Oberhausen, Riga Int Film Fest, Transmediale and Film Fest Gent. The film was awarded Best Experimental Film at GUFA Hong Kong.

It is hard to categorize Brian's work into one specefic genre. His films are born from a documentary origin: A character, phenomena or event that triggers him to explore. From there he starts his research which he eventually translates into a filmic universe that immerges the viewer in an experience in which the lines between what's real and what's not - between documentary and fiction - start to dissolve.

From 2016-2018 Brian worked as junior producer at Inti Films (Brussels) where he worked on several award-winning films, including Ben Asamoah's 'Sakawa', Christina Vandekerckhoven's 'Rabot' and Peter Van Goethem's 'Night Has Come'.

Currently, Brian is researching the contemporary perception of self, both in his new film ‘Khannea’ and in an interdisciplinary work, for which he collaborates with various artists and scientists.

Next to his work as an artist, Brian develops filmworkshop for youngsters and students, in which he uses film as a tool for the participants to research the meganisms of our multimediated society and online personas.

Brian lives and works in Rotterdam (NL).





T: +31 (0)6 3626 2596